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Gordana Stosljevic

Gordana Stosljevic

Ms. Gordana Stosljevic, who labels herself a hopeless and hopeful romantic, was born in a small town called Novi Sad in the North of Serbia, where she still makes her home today.
  Attracted to the arts from birth, Gordana was influenced by professional music early in her life as her family owned a disco club in the 80’s. This opportunity drew her into following the world scene—old world as well as new—and attributes this to her ease and familiarity with different cultural lyrics and melodies.
  Although the performing arts is where Gordana’s true passions lie, the necessities of life steered her in a different direction. She studied law and marketing but no fine art academics. Yet in 1997 she began her poetic aspirations by drawing from her innate talents while being mainly inspired by the different musical genres, such as pop, soul as well as rhythm and blues. She adds that Great Britain and Italy are countries where she’d love to visit so as to become familiar with their music and culture.
  Gordana, of course, aspires to one day publish her poetry and music to a worldwide audience, and maintains her central inspiration and strongest motivation in life, is her young daughter, Laura.


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  1. Jemela Mwelu says:

    Welcome Gordana,

    You have a lot to share with the world…thank you for contributions to enlighten and soothe the souls of humanity.

    In light and love,

  2. Jason says:

    Keep on writing, great job!|

  3. Phillip says:

    Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the good spirit.|

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