The ruling passion, be it what it will... A. Pope

“Letting go” 

Let go, let go…
Move on, move on…

This World can be such a cruel place
Now that I don’t have you.
You broke your promises
No more fantasies
Our love was just an illusion
So I’ve got to let go
Let go of this love.

No sleep last night
I’m loosing my mind
I am under your spell
No Ocean can keep us apart
Love will save us, find us
Will track us down.

They say…another place, another time
They say…someday, somehow
But I have to search for the destiny that’s mine
I’ve got to let go
I’ve got to move on
They say…if something is truly yours
It will come back to you
So you’ve got to let go
Let go of this love.

I’ve got to move out of here
Move out, run away, and disappear
I have no air to breath
Don’t call me
Don’t search for me
But if this is a real love
Then come back to me
Run as fast as you can
Don’t let me wait
Turn around
Look into my eyes
Say that you’ll stay for good this time.



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