Gordana Stosljevic – Give up, give in

1Free Fall

“Give up, give in” 

It’s true when they say
the strongest survive.
I’ve got to get my life back.
Claim what it’s mine,
get rid of the emotions that put me down.
I’ve got to give in,
be brave and jump.

Should I give up on You ?
Should I surrender to this Love ?
I can’t remember the feeling of being truly happy;
run to me and remind me,
show me how it feels.
Tell me the meaning of life
give me a good reason to stay.

Cause I don’t wanna wait in vain
It might be too late
too late to start all over again
for bringing the magic back.

So many times I tried to escape
runaway from it all.
Convincing myself that this is enough;
But I deserve it all.
I don’t want someone who doesn’t give in;
someone who’s not always around,
but someone who’s afraid of loosing me.
Someone to watch over me.
Someone to be my guardian.


Giving up on You
I’m giving up on Love.
Giving you everything I am
everything I want to be.
Everything it’s meant to be.
I am yours
Are you mine ?
Can you fly ?
Do you still dream ?
Do you believe ?
I am alive.

Gordana Stosljevic Poetry


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