Gil Van Wagner – Notes to Mom excerpt


Gil Van Wagner

Gil Van Wagner

Excerpt from Notes to Mom:

This is another one of those ‘in your face’ poems, Mom. The world is littered with excuses. Excuses to hide and settle for what you can handle and what you are allowed. People come to me and share their souls. I do my best to hear them. To see them. To help them. Helping them helps me.
We are all so much alike. Each of us wants to do our best. We are all alone…..together. This poem goes right to that and hits the fears; the contradictions in each fear. How we can keep ourselves from the very things we need and deserve. We love and get hurt and then love less to be less hurt and end up less loved and more hurt. Life is about the risk of hurt so that we love our way to invulnerability.
People come to me and cry, Mom. They say “how did you know?” It is common for them to wonder how I saw into them and saw more than they thought they showed me. It is easy, Mom. I am them; a living contradiction. To face the fears and know the fears but almost too afraid to face the fears and know the fears. Then others come to me and help me realize I have faced them and do face them and will continue to face them. Others facing their fears inspire me to face mine even more.
We are Fear Full and become fearless once we realize everyone else is too. It is what I do, Mom. It is what we all can and must do. First, alone and then together.

This is an excerpt from “Notes To Mom”, a book by Gil Van Wagner. It, along with 4 others, can be downloaded for free at . May it enrich. Enjoy! Share, and help Gil reach his goal of giving away a million free books.

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