Gordana Stosljevic – Find Me

“Find Me”

Uh Baby
I am afraid to love you
I don’t wanna get hurt
I am afraid to let you inside
you could only steal my heart.

In my life I was only giving
always longing
always believing.
No one understood who I am
what I want
what I dream
until you came in.

So now
I am hiding
but I wanna be found.
I am crying
but I wanna be safe and sound.
Rocked in this cradle of love
without fears
no more tears.

I was lost without you
lost all these years
waiting for someone
the one who will make me smile
with who I’ll be able to fly.

You can go away
you could leave me
but I will find you too
track you down
convince you to stay
to try
to believe in this fairytale
to believe in this love
to fly.

Search the whole World
all the mountains
all the Oceans and the Seas
but find me.
I’ll be there waiting
always one step behind
hidden in the dark
searching for you
to bring back the light.

My prince, my hero, my salvation…

Gordana Stosljevic Poetry

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