Gordana Stosljevic — Just a Dream


“Just a dream”

Since I’ve met you
I’ve been loosing sleep.
Restless heart
Sleepless nights
Shattered dreams.
You brought all the madness back.
You diminished all the fears,
all the demons inside of me.
My hero.
Your warm whisper
your voice has lightened the fire
the flame that’s been consuming me.
You melted me with your touch;
you have deepened all the delight.
You created a true wonder,
a miracle of love.
Intolerable pain has become endurable.
Either you will set me free,
or you will break my heart.
Boy I confess,
and I do it unashamedly
I am yours !
Take me or leave me for good.
This distance between us
a gap filled with all the broken pieces of yesterday;
dear to pick up.
Dear to make a promise.
Nobody promised us eternity
true everlasting happiness to stay.
We can’t escape this feeling,
we don’t want to.
We’re just two people looking for their safe shelter of love;
enchanted lovers stuck in the Night.
With all their flaws,
and fears.
Let’s swallow our pride,
release this ultimate truth.
Being here with you is heavenly;
Maybe this all is just a dream
just a fantasy.
Why don’t you get out of my dream then ?
Alarm clock is ringing…
Monday is here…
This love was just in a dream
Looking in the mirror on the wall
no trace of my face;
all I see is the image of you.
Only you.
My love.
I will continue to chase that dream.
We will be together in a dream.
‘I know you
I’ve walked with you,
I’ve met you,
once upon a dream.

Gordana Stosljevic Poetry – 2015

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