Gordana Stosljevic — Good Morning Good Night


“Good morning good night”

Good evening
good night
darkness all around
but I see the light.
Strange people walking by
still my eyes chase only you
I am like a spy.

Don’t have much time
what you did to me was/is a crime.
Did I hurt you ?
Feeling guilty
Am I the one to blame ?
I blame no Sun, The Moon and the Night
‘Till the end for this love I will fight.


Good morning my love
the Sun is rising
it’s a brand new day
new beginning.
I won’t go away.
I am here to stay.
Don’t be scared
don’t be afraid
you are my best friend
I was holding your hand when you cried last night
And I am telling you
No matter what always hold me so tight.

Why are we hiding in our own shadows ?
Those memories from the past still haunting us.
I know now
I recognized this feeling
It’s confusing
My legs are shaking
Could it be that I have fallen in love ?

Now that I have found you
I never want to let go
I will stand by your side
don’t let anyone hurt you
And I am waiting for the perfect moment
to tell you how I feel
all I am asking from you is to open your heart to me
Let me in, lock me inside and throw away the key.

Gordana Stosljevic Poetry – 2015

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