Gordana Stosljevic – A Fact



                       “A Fact” 

I might have seen your face before
you loved me somewhere a long time ago
In another life
Another time.
Here we are;
lost each other
found each other again.
The story usually goes like that.
It’s a fact.

We, two of a kind;
We, out of this World;
We, so lonely;
we, so independent;
You, so strong
like the mountain rock.
I am fragile as a china cup,
you can easily break Me.
It’s a fact.

A woman in love
A man in love
Living separate lives.
Time goes by
they both cry.
She won’t wait
she’ll call
she’ll go.
It’s a fact.

Love isn’t a battlefield
not for us to compete
but to set each other free.
All the hidden sacred things inside
to give each other
make the perfect form
foundation of love
It’s a fact.
You can’t say it’s not.

Just surrender…


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