Pam Ward – Bridge Over Troubled Waters


About Pam Ward

About Pam Ward

A UCLA graduate and recipient of a California Arts Council Fellow in Literature and New Letters Literary Award, she has had her poetry published in  Scream When you Burn, Grand Passion, Calyx, Catch the Fire, and the newly released, Voices from Leimert Park. Pam operates her own graphic design studio, Ward Graphics as well as runs her own publishing house, Short Dress Press. Her first novel, Want Some, Get Some, comes out on Kensington Books, February 2007. Pam has edited five anthologies including, Picasso’s Mistress, What the Body Remembers, and The Supergirls Handbook: A Survival Guide. She has had short stories printed in The Best American Erotica, Men We Cherish, and Gynomite. As an artist-in-resident for the City of Los Angeles and the City of Manhattan Beach, Pam also served as a board member for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Foundation and has worked for many community arts and social/health organizations, including Black Women for Wellness, Summit on Gang Violence and Art Center College of Design.  Currently, Pam Ward is working on her third novel, Between Good Men & No Man at All.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

© Pam Ward 2015

Did I Forget to say

Yesterday when the cash

was all blown

and the check didn’t come through

and my ball point wept it’s last blue

Did I forget to tell you

while shuffling through

a kaleidoscope of slick

Hoping for a Get Out Of Jail Free card

and gettin’ stacks of Past Dues instead

Looking for anything

to keep the change-the-locks nightmare away 

Did I forget

while I was hustling

to keep the wolves off my back

to keep the hit man at bay

to keep from drowning in the abyss

wondering if

wondering where, why and when

Did I forget to tell you

while searching my unfaithful purse

Cursing the bill collector

or bra-beating my ex

That yes
I’ve known Aprils

and apricot moons

and I’ve bathed in your natural

spring waters at dawn

and I’ve worn dresses

as gold as a pawnbroker’s smile

and I’ve known mornings

and the radio playing

and the tang of green curry

because even if I forget to say

you know, dear

you know

you and I

have both always known.

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