Gordana Stosljevic – Shape Shifters


                   “Shape shifters”   

I wish I could make the time stop.
For one second to hear nothing but my heartbeat;
only my heartbeat.
I wanna forget all around me,
I have to be me again.

Everything’s changing
It’s confusing

Make myself little child again
seeing world with innocence
not demanding
not expacting
just exploring

I wish you could see me
the real me
then you will know
then you would understand
how I get scared of growing up.

If life is just survival
with no simple childish things
then I don’t wanna be an adult.
I will not be your friend
nor lover.

My dear,
I live and love like a child
with my whole heart
open arms
with no lies.

A child has no fears
no doubts
but only big dreams.
If I could make the time stop
I wouldn’t change a thing.

In that frozen moment
I want you to see the truth
feel my love
release us
set us free.
So just believe.

 Gordana Stosljevic Poetry

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