Gordana Stosljevic – Poker Game

1Free Fall

‘Love’s a poker game’ 

It was never about loosing or winning;
It was always how you can play it
mastering the game
reading others thoughts.

It was never about the prize
but being happy with yourself.
To have your own distinctive advantage
to believe in yourself.

Maybe there’s always a joker
hidden staff in the game of poker;
But eventually every player takes off his mask
the truth gets revealed.

There is both sweetness and bitterness in loosing;
State of being defeated might last longer
it teaches a lesson
makes you wiser.

When Love game is played
it’s all or nothing.
It’s like they say.. take it or leave it.
Love masters you.

A good player knows the right way
how to act on
being proud
fake it if he has to.

So if he is a skillful talker
he can play this love poker.
When the timing is right
he’ll show his joker.

It was always how well you play the game
with no shame
showing what you got
what you’re made of
‘In Love and war all means are allowed’


Gordana Stosljevic Poetry