Gordana Stosljevic – Blame it on the Stars


‘Blame it on the stars’

It’s been so long
too long.
This vicious circle
endless waiting

Solitude so scary
cuts like a knife
my heart open wound.
So I got scared
you got scared
‘We’ no longer exist.
There’s no ‘Us’.

Sunrises are different now.
they are not part of my world.
My loneliness invites only stars
only night sky brings back music in my heart.
So do you miss me ?
Do you remeber my voice ?
The way we talked ?
How we understood all before it was said..

Did you forget what you told me ?
was it all a lie ?
I am hiding tears
making a fake smile
so that nobody knows.
I pretend
I keep forgetting.

Was it real
our love realy there.
Please tell me
tell it to the moon.
Blame it on the stars
but tell me
do you love me ?
Cause this feeling that I have
this fire is burning inside me
tonight I am yours.

Please protect me from all this darkness
all this emptiness
shelter me
take me home.
I was searching
I was lost
I was hiding
but with you
no more.

2014© GordanaStosljevicPoetry

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