Ricardo Anthony Garcia – A Woman’s Love

Ricardo Antonio Garciaq

Ricardo Antonio Garciaq

The School of Life is where I got all my talent from.

My Hobbies:

Recording Engineer

Radio Personality on: www.organic-radio.com

International Painter Artist – in numerous collections

Studio musician and creative producer and Composer of music.

My Achievements:

Received my own ‘school of art’ from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’ in New York City, 1971. Where that had a community affairs department.

Was honored at the Waldorf Astoria for presenting a ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ painting to honor Capt. Sully, the pilot who landed his aircraft full of…


eomans love pic








When a woman

can see through a man’s Soul

he is humbled

by her sincere detection

and twice

the love rebounded

he is in awe.


a woman to know him.


a woman who could enter this deep.


When a woman

cries over his own disparities

she is ordained

and he

is blessed by her presence

twice relative

to her heart for him.


to understand her love

his mind

is in the clouds over her.


When a woman

chooses the Soul over possessions

God has lifted her

for these anointment’s

are of the divine Spirit

and no less.

shall she suffer internally

when love is born.


to build such loves embrace

exists within us.


When a woman dies

and by her lovers side she expires …

©Ricardo Antonio Garcia

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