Riley’s Valentines What man cannot hide -- that he is in love

It has been said that no one has ever measured how much a heart can hold — only that it never seems to overflow. Mine certainly hasn’t.  To all the loves of my lifetime — especially to the South and East of me, I wish you all an everlasting Valentines day.  Trust I will be thinking of every one of you.  Know well, without you, I’d have had no lifetime at all… Riley


Robert (London) to  Amber:  Pls know I love you truly. If ever you doubt, come here.

 Janet (Denver) to Carl:  How better can I say I love you.  

 Larry (Atlanta)  to Jessica:  Welcome to my world, sweetheart. 

Marty (Los Angeles) to John:  We’re finally free to celebrate our union. 

Cicely (Dallas)  to David:  I’ll never love another. 

Daniel (Paris)  to Monique:  Forever, one.

Jason (Akron)  to  Emily:   Here we are..

If anyone would like me to post their love’s Valentine greeting out here, send me a note. Of course the message can be confidential  (anonymous) — or not.


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