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  Riley’s Published Work


 Where there is love there is pain…and sometimes death.

A tale of doubt and death through deception



   What if after decades there was still one more untold incredible Viet Nam war saga supported with authentic personal action photos and peppered with tightly-written notes from then young, not yet twenty, and highly decorated leader of a small group of underground and Special Force combatants—the Elite Tunnel Rats?
What if this saga was more compelling than typical battlefield heroics by including experiences of this same elite group of fighters, led by Sergeant Thomas Wergen, linking up with Special Forces for combat missions into areas according to the U.S. power political spin “where they weren’t,” Cambodia and Laos?
What if along with his bloodstained tales this saga entailed accurate and concise historic tidbits, with then U.S. protests, during the bloodiest and heaviest fighting period in the war when America had committed over 500,000 troops—the counteroffensive phase of 1968?
What if this saga included an award-winning foreword, which depicts a remarkable and factual historic account retrieved directly from the logs of the mighty USS Constitution? Titled warfare on a skewer, this is a short account of how Captain “Mad Jack” Percival had carried out armed aggression against Danang, Vietnam (Turon China) in May 1845. And more ironic the fact that Captain Percival’s war party—including Marines—stormed the same shores that the initial combat-designated Marines did in 1965, ordered by President Lyndon Johnson.
Then you would have 1968—Into the Abyss.



  In the overall scheme of life a natural death occurs graciously. While suicide might cheat the dignity of death, murder truly mistreats it—one can depend on that. And even a binding thickness of family blood cannot deny that mistreatment when impelled by a force of darkness.
The Bloodthick Deliverance is a supernatural chiller that embraces those elements surrounding an early 19th century legend of an unusual family shrouded in their small area of Sedona’s mystical realm. A legend that had stood quietly on the valley’s horizon for decades -- yet is about to be awakened ...
So come and join Riley into this short mystical tale with the spiritual backdrop of Sedona, Arizona, which includes many unexpected twists and turns with maybe even Satan himself along.






  Journey into a dual-period classic thriller with Riley, where Photojournalist Fletcher McKeane’s life has been strangely branded. Everyone he’s ever cared about has been snatched from him by violent death. Now the radiant young woman he treasures the most meets a ghastly end…soon followed by his closest friends.
As McKeane bonds passionately with another woman, they suspect a satanic force from an alternate reality is behind the cryptic deaths. Hurdling macabre obstacles they undertake a chilling search that leads them to historic England and a haunted graveyard where no soil has been turned for more than two centuries.



Venture into a riddling mystery of deceit and murder on a blustery fall evening in the peaceful city of Portland, Oregon where a sensational crime of passion is committed in a serene wooded river park.
 What if a married and prominent woman in the city’s cultural circles is found brutally strangled?
 What if her forbidden lover—a successful mystery novelist—admits he was devastated and emotionally tortured after she had just broken off their affair and is unable to provide an alibi because he was in an alcoholic blackout? And what if even he’s not sure whether he’s guilty of the heinous crime?
 What if the husband—an upstanding college professor—heavily mourns his wife’s death while sorrowfully pleading ignorance of her affair and also providing an apparently airtight alibi?
 What if the grieving girlfriend of the victim—who had known everything about the affair from the beginning—is on an unrelenting mission to have the jilted lover convicted; consequently supplying the police with all the circumstantial evidence they need to put him away?
 What if an upstart attorney finds herself caught up in the accused author’s plight while she defends him, remaining unsure of his guilt even after he’s imprisoned for the crime?
 What if the senior detective from Portland homicide, tough, yet sensitive, reluctantly follows through on his law enforcement obligations while he also remains doubtful about the writer’s guilt?
 What if it is left up to the tormented author to unravel the tangled web of deceit by penning the story of the scandalous crime from within his harsh prison cell?
 And what if you venture into the pages of this riddling tale—could you perceive the reality within the Deception in the Rainshadows?



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