Gordana Stosljevic Poetry



‘My Last Breath’

be quiet
be patient
 enjoy this silence.

I was there yesterday
I am here now
I will be there for you tomorrow.
Jump the highest heights
dive the deepest Seas
but take me with you.
Go there where I can follow.
Don’t be afraid
I am holding your hand.

There was a time when I cried in the dark
in secret.
Now I let go
I give in
I give all
with no expectations.

But that would be a lie..
cause I need your lovin
Baby I got to have your lovin
Without you I forget to breathe
to eat
to sleep.
crazy talker
that’s who I am
And yes I am scared
not that you won’t be lovin me
but scared of the time dividing us
miles separating us

I can’t change this storm inside
there’s no remedy for this condition
so I am swimming and navigating strong winds
hoping you to be my captain
my compass my satellite.

Please don’t go so far where I can’t find you
with my last breath I will dive into your ocean
falling into you
fragile and strong as a rock
hold on
hold me
don’t let go.

I was there yesterday
I am here now
For you tomorrow
with my last breath.

2014 Gordana Stosljevic Poetry



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